Your Trusted Perfusion Specialists

Perfusion Services

At CPS, we offer support for cardiopulmonary bypass for open heart and other related procedures. Our perfusion coverage is 24 hours a day 7 days a week (both in house and on call) for all clinical area including but not limited to OR, ER, Cardiac cath lab and critical care units. We additionally specialize in new cardiac programs, providing assistance and consulting in all aspects of your new Cardiothoracic program, eliminating costly mistakes.

Services Include:

  • Operation of heart-lung machine and other related equipment

  • Delivery of cardioplegia

  • monitoring of patient hemodynamics

  • Point of care lab analysis & in-line blood monitoring

  • Retrograde autologous prime (RAP)

  • Hemoconcentration & modified ultrafiltration (MUF)