Specializing in Reliable Autotransfusion Services

Autotransfusion Services

It’s common for patients to shed fairly large amounts of blood in revision and bilateral TKAs, THAs1, and spines2. In these cases, you can be fairly confident that blood salvage systems will collect enough blood to wash and return packed RBCs to the patient. For other procedures such as primary knees and hips, blood loss is far less predictable. As a result, autotransfusion processing set up might be set up when there aren’t enough blood cells to reinfuse. In other cases, you may need to have to give patients allogeneic blood when you anticipated they wouldn’t bleed.

Cardiac and Non-Cardiac Autotransfusion

  • Operation of autotransfusion (cell Saver) machine

  • Platelet gel

  • Plasmapheresis

  • Rapid Infusion

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Eliminate the Guesswork — Give Patients Only What They Need

The QuickConnect Reservoir supports a “collect first” approach by allowing you to simply recover shed blood when you’re not sure how much the patient will bleed. With the ability to attach to the processing set, the QuickConnect Reservoir becomes your safety net; so, you return the highest quality blood only to the patients who need it, and collect blood cost- effectively for those who don’t.

Benefits Include:

  • Your safety net to ensure every patient who bleeds receives their own packed and washed RBCs

  • Ensures you avoid unnecessary allogenic transfusions for every patient

  • Collects blood cost-effectively for patients who don’t loose enough blood to salvage